Educational Resources from Heartland CISMA

Identification and treatment information

ID and Management of Scleria sp.

Guide to the Cane Grasses of Florida

FNAI Commonly Confused Invasive and Native Species

University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

Invasive Plant Atlas

Center for Invasive Species and Ecosytems Health

US Forest Service invasive species program

Invasive plant management- Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Field Guide to Biological Control of Weeds

FWC 2018 Upland Invasive Plant Management Program Handbook

2017 FLEPPC Invasive Plant List

Educational materials

Teachers: Invasive Weed Curriculum

US Fish and Wildlife Volunteers and Invasive Plants training

Alternatives to Invasive Plants Commonly Found in Central Florida Landscapes

Got invasives? Get help!

REDDy training, a free, online course that will teach you how to recognize and report large, invasive reptiles

Don't release unwanted pets

Field Identification of Select Native and Nonnative Reptiles in Florida

Florida Invaders: Under Siege by Plant and Animal Invaders

Invasores de la Florida: Descarga Aqui(From ECISMA)

Don't Let it Loose Activity Guide

Intruders in Paradise: Invasive Species in Florida a Teacher’s Guide

Don’t Move Firewood

Florida landowner incentive programs

Black and white tegu

Tegus in Florida brochure 2012

Tegu talk by Bernie Kaiser at February 10, 2011 Central Florida Invasive Species Workshop

Tegu bioprofile from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Laurel wilt disease

Pest Alert: Don't Transport Redbay Firewood link

Laurel wilt distribution map