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How to control invasive plants

UF-IFAS Invasive Plant Management Plans

Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants - A Best Management Practices Handbook

Apply for FWC Weed Management Funding on Public Lands

Request Herbicides for use on Florida Public Conservation Lands

Herbicides Price List for use by Florida Public Entities

Weed Control Methods Handbook - The Nature Conservancy

Florida EPPC Publications

How to Create and Sustain a CISMA/CWMA

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) Annual Work Plan - Guidance Document - NEW

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area Five Year Strategic Plan Template - Word Document - NEW

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area Five Year Strategic Plan Template - Excel File - NEW

CWMA Cookbook for the Eastern U.S.

Cooperative Weed Management Area National Conference Presentations

How to find resources if you are a Homeowner

Herbicide Advice for Homeowners

Solutions for Your Life (UF/IFAS Extension)

Contact your Local Extension Office

How to create a CISMA/CWMA website

CWMA/CISMA Website Cookbook - NEW

CWMA/CISMA Website Template - NEW

How to identify invasive plants

UF-IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

Invasive Exotic Plant Identification Tips

Invasive Plants of the United States

How to identify invasive animals

Introduced Reptile Early Detection and Documentation Training

Bean Plataspid, Megacopta cribraria (Fabricius) an Exotic Legume Pest Established in Georgia - NEW

The Cuban Treefrog in Florida

Florida's Introduced Birds

Field Guide to the Nonindigenous Marine Fishes of Florida (USGS & NOAA)

The Invader Updater - Resources

Buyers' Guide to Pet Reptiles

How to learn more about invasive species

Florida Invaders: Under Siege by Plant and Animal Invaders

The Invader Updater

FWC Invasive Plant Research Newsletter

Invasive Species: A Florida Perspective

Forest Health Guide for Georgia

How to prevent invasive species

Voluntary and Policy:

Options for Unwanted Exotic Pets

Don't Release Your Pets

Nonnative Amnesty Day

GreenThumb Certified Nurseries - Florida Keys

Don't Move Firewood

St. Louis Declaration - Voluntary Codes of Conduct

Quarantine 37 Regulations Revisions


Inspection and Cleaning Manual for Equipment and Vehicles to Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species

Guide to Noxious Weed Prevention Practices - USDA Forest Service

Wildland Weeds Spring 2006, Potential Spread of Lygodium microphyllum Spores by Herbicide Applicators. Practice Good Spore Hygiene

FISP Decontamination Guidelines Handout 2010

Comparison of Relocatable Commercial Vehicle Washing Systems. - USDA Forest Service

How to find and hire a weed control contractor

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Invasive Plant Control Contractors

How do I become an FWC - Invasive Upland Plant Control Contractor?

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