About Us


The Osceola Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area's mission is to create a partnership of federal, state, and local government agencies, private land owners, individuals, and various interested groups, that develop resources, educate, and share information to manage invasive species in Osceola County.


The most cost-effective way to address invasive species is to prevent them from reaching the CISMA in the first place. If, despite prevention efforts, invasive species reach the CISMA, early detection programs can help locate and eradicate those invasive species before they become widely established. If invasive species elude early detection and establish and spread in the CISMA or are part of a previous invasion, control and management programs to monitor and minimize their negative impacts to the economy and environment will be necessary, but these efforts can be very costly. The sooner we act the more effective and less costly our efforts will be (adapted from the Indiana Invasive Species Task Force 2008).

Osceola CISMA Strategic Plan and Annual Workplan