Educational Resources from Southwest Florida Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area

21st Annual Invasive Species Workshop

20th Annual Invasive Species Workshop

Keeping Your Pets Safe Around Cane Toads

19th Annual Invasive Species Workshop

18th Annual Invasive Species Workshop

Native Snake Quick Reference Guide

Large Lizard Quick Reference Guide

Reptile Observer Pocket Guide

Monitor Control Handbook - Reference List

Introduced Reptile Early Detection & Documentation (REDDy) Flyer

Tegus in Florida brochure 2012

South Florida Environmental Report - Chapter 7: Status of Nonindigenous Species

An 'Arms Race' Between Snakes and Humans

Ivegot1 iPhone App

A Summary of Live Animal Importation by the United States

Giant African Snails

REDDy: Reptile Early Detection and Documentation Observer Training Course

Large Constrictor Snake Sightings/Removals

Digital Aerial Sketchmapping

May invasive species of the month: Brazilian pepper