NOAA Restoration Center Community-based Program

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Agency NameNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Affiliationfederal government
Web Site
Project Annual Funding Level varies
Range of Funding (Landowner) Depending on the grant source, funding opportunities range from $5,000 to $250,000
Criteria for funding project Each funding opportunity has its own criteria, but the majority of funding opportunities available through our program are focused on funding coastal, marine and estuarine fisheries habitat restoration projects.
Geographic Coverage AreaAll counties in Florida. Nationwide, including the U.S. Territories of the Caribbean
Description of ProgramThe NOAA Restoration Center provides project funding through a variety of sources each year for the restoration of marine and estuarine fisheries habitat. Therefore, grants are available for invasive exotic plant control when it has benefits for fisheries habitat.
When are landowner applications accepted?Restoration Center funding opportunities open and close throughout the year. Please refer to the website to get updated deadlines.
Match Required?Yes In most cases 1:1 non-federal match is either strongly encouraged or required.
Target Invasive Species?Invasive exotic species that impact fisheries habitat
Any other Requirements or Eligibility?*To be a competitive project, invasive/exotic removal efforts must help restore fisheries habitat. *All entities (public, private, governmental, non-profit, academic, etc.) may apply for these funds, but projects conducted on private lands must provide written assurance that the land will be protected in perpetuity. *Required mitigation projects are not eligible for funding.
Agreement RequiredYes Contract/Cooperative Agreement
Permanent Contact PersonDaphne Macfarlan
Contact number727-824-5384
e-mail address
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