Neighborhood Matching Grant Program

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Agency NameSarasota County
Affiliationcounty government
Web Site
Project Annual Funding Level $99,000
Range of Funding (Landowner) up to $10,000
Criteria for funding project Formal and informal resident-based neighborhood groups (HOAs, civic associations, etc.) in incorporated or unincorporated Sarasota County are eligible to apply. Improvements must be to commonly-owned or public property. Applicant must match 50% of project cost.
Geographic Coverage AreaSarasota County
Description of ProgramThe neighborhood matching grant program is designed to help Sarasota County residents enhance the safety, health, environment, and/or character of their neighborhoods. Grant funds have been successfully applied toward the removal of invasive plant species.
When are landowner applications accepted?Next round of workshops will be offered in December. Check for updates.
Match Required?Yes Yes, at least 50%.
Target Invasive Species?Any federal or state listed invasive species
Any other Requirements or Eligibility?Must complete a program application and attend the grant orientation workshop. Must have attended a grant workshop within the past three years, by January 4, 2017. Notify Neighborhood Services ( of intent to apply no later than January 10, 2017. Submit application no later than March 21, 2017.
Agreement RequiredYes
Permanent Contact PersonMiranda Lansdale
e-mail address941-202-2294
contacted last2017-01-12 00:00:00.0