Conservation Technical Assistance Program (CTA)

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Agency NameNatural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS)
Affiliationfederal government
Web Site
Project Annual Funding Level Technical assistance only
Range of Funding (Landowner) Technical Assistance only
Criteria for funding project All land owners, managers, and others that have a stake and interest in natural resource management are eligible to receive technical assistance from NRCS.
Geographic Coverage AreaAll counties in Florida. Nationwide.
Description of ProgramThe Conservation Technical Assistance Program (CTA) is a voluntary program that provides technical assistance supported by science-based technology and tools to help people conserve, maintain, and improve their natural resources.
When are landowner applications accepted?Requests for technical assistance through CTA will be prioritized by NRCS and the local conservation district to ensure that assistance is provided in a fair and equitable manner.
Match Required?no n/a
Target Invasive Species?n/a
Any other Requirements or Eligibility?
Agreement Requiredno n/a
Permanent Contact PersonDan D. Lawson
Contact number202-720-5322
contacted last2018-01-08 00:00:00.0