Forest Stewardship Program

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Agency NameFlorida Forest Service
Affiliationstate government
Project Annual Funding Level Varies
Range of Funding (Landowner) Varies, typically only assistance with plan writing
Criteria for funding project 20 or more acres of forests with varying levels of trees.
Geographic Coverage AreaAll counties in Florida
Description of ProgramProvides an opportunity for landowners to meet with professional resource managers (foresters, range managers, biologists) to receive multiple-use technical assistance to help with the management of the property to promote forest health and sustainability of all farm and natural areas on the property. Multiple-use management provides options for forest health, wildlife habitat, recreation, aesthetics, soil and water conservation, grazing, and non-timber forest products. A forest management plan designed to m eet the landowner's goals is the final product. Landowners will also be able to discuss ideas for revenue generation on their property that works to also improve natural values and recreational amenities on the property. The plan can be beneficial in obtaining cost-share assistance through other programs. Landowners can earn recognition by following management plan and completing good land management and forestry practices on their property.
When are landowner applications accepted?Applications Accepted Year Round
Match Required?No
Target Invasive Species?All
Any other Requirements or Eligibility?None. Can group together separate parcels to meet 20 acre minimum.
Agreement RequiredVoluntary following of management plan tailored to landowner needs.
Permanent Contact PersonTony Grossman
Contact number(850) 681-5874
contacted last2016-03-02 00:00:00.0