22nd Annual Southwest Florida CISMA Invasive Species Workshop



Wildfire Effects on Invasive Plants in Florida: The Lee Williams Road Fire on Plcayune Strand State Forest - Brian Camposano

Disposal and Decontamination of Herbicide Waste - Ramdas Kanissery, PhD

Scleria lacustris Controlling an Invasive Species in Florida Wetlands - Alex Onisko

IPM in Aquatics, Natural Areas and Right-of-way - Lyn Gettys, PhD

The Cane (Bufo) Toad in Florida - Dr. Steve A. Johnson

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comission's Python Programs - Sarah Funck

Innovate Solutions to Manage the Lionfish Invasion - Joy Hazell

The Gall Midge Orseolia javanica, a Candidate BioControl Agent of Cogongrass (Impereta cylindrica) - James P. Cuda, William A. Overholt, and Purnama Hidayat

Examining the utility of Milestone and Method herbicides for natural areas: What do they bring to the table? - Stephen F. Enloe